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The Lord’s Taverners Cricket Recycling Scheme recently donated a generous supply of second hand and new cricket kit and equipment for both children and adults to Urlings CC in Antigua and Barbuda. Thank you to Bill Christian for shipping the equipment out from the UK to Antigua.

Here’s Humphrey Christian, President Urlings CC and Trevor Erskine, Vice President and Captain, Urlings CC unpacking and sorting all the equipment out and making up kit bags for 5 youth players to join the senior team.

Humphrey ChristianHumphrey Christian, President, Urlings CC having some fun sorting through The Lord’s Taverners Kit

Trevor Erskine testing out equipmentTrevor Erskine, Captain, Testing out Equipment

Eldon Burton ‘Bubbops’ is 16. His school doesn’t play cricket so he shared that he is very happy to be given cricket kit to play for Urlings CC for the first time year.

Darien Benjamin ‘Baby’ is 19 and is a promising, popular player who has shown lots of improvements over the last few years. Last year he was injured so Urlings CC is very happy to have him back in the team this season.

Urlings CC YouthEldon and Darien trying out their new cricket whites

Trevor Erskine said: “One of the biggest problems in Antigua is that Cricket is an expensive sport. You have to buy a cricket shirt, trousers, shoes, pads, bat to get started. So to be able to give kit out to players and children to join the Urlings CC junior practice has been fantastic.”

Humphrey added: We are very grateful to the generosity of The Lord’s Taverners, thank you. This has been a real boost for the team and has raised the spirits as we begin the new season.”

The team now has an abundance of players it can select for the Village Parish League Matches, which began on 11 March 2017 and will continue through to June 2017.

Boxes of donated kit from The Lord's TavernersBoxes of Kit donated by The Lord’s Taverners arrive in Antigua and Barbuda from the UK

Making Up Kit BagsMaking up Kit Bags with one of everything to gift to youth and senior Urlings CC players. 

Kit Bag ContentsInside the kit bag – One of Everything for Youth and Senior Players. 

Eldon Trying out the BatsEldon testing out his new bat.

Urlings CC is ready for the new season. See you at the ground Soon.