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Urlings Cricket Club has today proudly announced OJ’s Bar and Restaurant as their official sponsor following a generous $5,000 granted towards the Urlings Cricket Club House Fundraising Campaign. 

OJ, Owner of OJ’s Bar and Restaurant said: “We hope one of the young players from Urlings CC gets called up for Antigua and Barbuda, that one of the new female players gets called up for the West Indies Team in the future. If OJ’s Bar and Restaurant can support Antigua’s athletes of the future we will be very happy.”

Trevor Erskine, Captain, Urlings CC said: “OJ has been a longtime supporter of Urlings CC generously giving funds for a scoreboard, practice net and kit. We are very proud to have OJ’s Bar and Restaurant as the official sponsor of Urlings CC and are all very grateful for his major contribution to the Club House.”

OJ and Trevor Erskine celebrate at Urlings CC

OJ and Trevor Erskine celebrate at Urlings CC

Urlings CC has raised over $15,000 for the Club House Campaign so far. This includes $10,000 in donations from the UK, with Somerset CC and Lansdowne CC, previous clubs of Sir Vivian Richards, both supporting. The Club House will include home and away changing rooms, toilet and shower, bar and meeting room, storage and a deck area.

OJ’s Bar and Restaurant is open 7 days a week from 10am, serving local seafood, call (268) 460-0184.